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Broadcast Email

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Unlike some vendors, our broadcast email products do not send "bulk" emails.  Rather, they send personalized messages one at a time from your database.  This process avoids many of the problems with spam filters since they are simply a message from you to the receiver. (as long as you send legitimate messages to persons that wish to receive them) Our products are not intended to be used for spam and as such require that you provide a valid return email address and mail server information during setup.  We strongly suggest that you also provide an address or other instructions on how not to be included in mailings in every message. Most often our products are used to keep customers informed.

Since our products are custom, we can collect information from almost any common database product and use this to personalize an e-mail to each person in the database. By using your existing database structure, you avoid entering data repeatedly.  Since we have already created the basic structure of the program, you get quick turn around on a program customized to your needs, but at a lower cost.