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Omega-Link Software is a custom software development company specializing in database and communication products.  Our mission is to provide quality software at an affordable price.

A database is a grouping of related information. Generally, the data will be in form of a series of records (aka "rows") of data that are divided into fields (aka "columns"). Each record will contain the complete information about a given object, for example, an inventory item. The fields will tell you the details of the item, in this case they might include a part number, quantity on hand, and the cost. (hide this)

Windows 7 update

All of the software that Omega-Link Software creates will run on Windows 7 (also Vista and XP). With very few exceptions, our software will run without requiring administrator privileges or elevation.

Existing projects created in the last 7 years (since the introduction of Windows XP) also run in Windows 7--without modification!

Omega-Link Software has been in business since 1986 and is located in Battle Creek, Michigan, but serves all of Michigan and will consider projects from anywhere in the United States.

Some of the communities that we service include: Athens, Michigan; Battle Creek, Michigan; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Marshall, Michigan; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Lansing, Michigan; and all other communities within 75 miles of Battle Creek, Michigan.  In addition, we provide our custom software development services to all of State of Michigan and the entire United States.  We presently have customers in several states.(hide this)

The owners have a combined programming experience of more than 40 years in C, C++, Pascal, Fortran, Cobol, RPG, Assembly, VBScript, Javascript, PHP, and several other languages. This broad experience base allows us to extract usable methods from existing code, saving you time and money.

Omega-Link Software develops for desktop, web and embedded environments. Primary development is done in C, C++, PHP and Javascript using standard database software such as MS-SQL and MySql.

MySql is probably the most used database for web development and is well suited for use on the desktop, the internet and even for medium to large server based applications. MySql is our preferred database for custom software development. Omega-Link Software's database based products will use this database unless a customer requests that another product be used. (hide this)

Call Omega-Link Software today to discuss YOUR custom software development project.

At Omega-Link Software we use a semi-custom software development methodology. This means that your custom program may contain modules that we previously developed as part of another project and, that with your permission, some of the modules from your program may be reused in later projects. This method allows for more rapid turn around times, lower cost and higher quality.

We invite you to contact us today about your custom software development needs. You may email us anytime using the provided form..

Please note that we do not offer online quotes for custom software development projects. Please contact us for a quote.

Custom software development is also known as contract programming services. Omega-Link Software provides all types of programming services from the small program fragment to complete application programs.  Our programming services are reasonably priced at just $75/hr. If you are located in the lower half of Michigan, on-site setup of your program is available. Programs that use a database may require professional setup. Unless requested otherwise, all programming will be done in C++ or PHP. (hide this)
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